Opportunity on Deck was founded by Dylan DeClerck in 2012 when he was a junior in high school. He never thought it was fair that kids didn’t get to play in organized sports, so he brought no-cost athletic programming to central Iowa students with Opportunity on Deck’s first baseball program. Since that time, the program has expanded to provide a wide variety of athletic opportunities to children from several schools and neighborhoods throughout Central Iowa. Over the years, Opportunity on Deck has utilized no-cost team athletics to help build participants’ self-confidence, strengthen the peer relationships in their schools, address diversity, provide access to positive mentors, and build life-long values and skills that have opened up other positive opportunities later in life.

To date Opportunity on Deck has …

  • Provided thousands of participants in kindergarten through ninth grade with free-of-charge athletic and youth development opportunities.
  • Received thousands of volunteer hours from hundreds of volunteers each year.
  • Saved participant families hundreds of thousands of dollars in league fees, equipment, coaching, uniforms and transportation costs.