In my note from the 2019 annual newsletter, I predicted that we would have a lot to look forward to this year.  While I was technically correct that we would have a lot coming at the organization in 2020, I didn’t think this would include a global pandemic.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown in March would go on to prevent our team from running in-person programming for four months and would continue to be an obstacle for our program for the entirety of the year.  However, we were able to continuously adapt to the uncertain conditions and found success rolling out new support and resources for our families, running virtual programming, and creating new policies and procedures for in-person practices.None of this would’ve been possible without Opportunity on Deck’s amazing support system!  I want to thank everyone who stepped up to offer their help or support to ensure that we could continue to serve the youth and communities at the center of our mission.

I’ll leave you with two more predictions for 2021:
Exciting new opportunities will be announced in the next few months
We will continue to be faced with obstacles, but with your support we will persevere

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